May 17, 2023

Don't mind us. We're just here to bring news of a brand new app feature.

What's It Do?

Incognito Mode is a new PLUS feature designed to help you browse on the DL. Your profile won’t be shown on the browse page or appear in search results - however, you will still be able to see others and send likes

Who's It For?

Incognito mode is for anyone who wants to be in control of who sees their profile. So if you're getting inundated with likes, but prefer to be the one who makes the first move, toggle on Incognito. Or, if you have concerns about being seen by acquaintances, or work in a high-profile job, Incognito is your friend.  
Like, we're not saying Timothée Chalamet is on WeAreX... but we're not not saying that either

How's It Done?

Incognito can be found by clicking on your profile. Simply toggle it on, and then keep enjoying the app. And if you ever want to burst back into the limelight, just head to your profile and toggle it off. Simple

© WEAREX LTD 2024 All rights reserved

© WEAREX LTD 2024 All rights reserved